Latest trends in website and logo design.

Brandedlogodesign report:Brandedlogodesign reviews latest trends in website and logo design.
The web and logo design is an ever changing field. Always shifting to new trends introduced by the major player in the market. Yet some logo design companies stick to the older trends where they should be letting go and moving on. It is very easy to keep repeating old patterns with a few modifications but soon there will be a point when the company becomes obsolete in the market.
In order to stay abreast with the constantly moving web design industry, web design companies must get rid of the following design elements.

1.     Responsive design websites
Gone are the days when having a mobile website was enough. Companies are now focusing on a responsive design websites. Mobile users want a fully integrated platform. Shopping on mobile phones has never been this big and this safe. A responsive design allows you to adjust the contextual experience of users. No matter what the size of the gadget is, the page will recognize and adjust itself.

2.      Interactive platform
In order to increase traffic and conversion rates, you have to get rid of text heavy websites. Rich content websites include picture, video and interactive functionality. Combining content with visuals in a storytelling mode will hold the attention of the user for a longer time. The longer the user stays more chances of a conversion.

3.      Stop bending SEO rules.
Stuffing keywords in your content and hoping to get good ranking is a thing of the past. Now with the new Google guidelines, SEO copywriting is not allowed. So it is recommended to develop informed and user-centric content design.

It’s time to say adieu to design trends which have truly gone out of fashion. do realize this and understand that web patterns are always shifting, and if you hold tight to old trends, you’ll soon notice your shop is left out. 

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