Lexmark Reveals Its Dramatic, Green Logo

Soon after a spin out from IBM in 1991, Lexmark International, Inc. has been a lauded and recognized leader in designing, manufacturing, and supplying of laser and inkjet printers, as well as other related supplies for both the home and office markets. The company’s high-quality imaging and output technology has upheld to evolve as this age becomes more digital and connected.
Lexmark has recently unveiled a spectacular new logo and branding that represents company’s successful and constant transition to a company exceeding its hardware heritage.
Today,  Lexmark competes in key growth markets, which includes MPS, intelligent capture, healthcare content management, enterprise content management, financial process automation & enterprise search – all centered on helping its customers get connected to the company’s employees for acquiring the most applicable information that they need at this moment.
The previous logo was recognizable, specifically against the sans serif or simple logos of its competitors, HP and Epson, and even Canon. The wordmark was definitely old school. The only similarity between the old logo and the new one is the diamond shape. To some extent.
Whereas, the new icon is intended to represent a lens aperture, crafting a diamond shape in its orifice that represents the extensive solutions – a means of focus, a portal to insight. The green palette is fresh, vivacious and approachable, representing Lexmark’s focus, strength on sustainability and growth and our commitment to ensuring “customers for life.” This typeface of the new logo—Hero font— lends a modern, clean appearance and features angles that reflect the aperture, indeed. The “x” in Lexmark is intended to indicate two arrows directing towards one another to show connectedness.
The new tagline that Lexmark has embraced is, “Open the possibilities”. The tagline invites customers to get engaged with Lexmark to reveal better opportunities for success with its broader technology and solutions portfolio.


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